Step Back

Its funny, when you step back--how you see the whole picture. You see beyond the cloud of smoke obstructing the way, and past the fog blinding your view. The whole, grandiose picture seems overwhelming and hard to chew. When up close, only one part was in focus, but at a distance everything comes together. Like... Continue Reading →

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lost in thought

I think about him sometimes. During the day mostly, when I'm fresh from my dreams. I wonder about chance, fate and the future. Is it possible that this could be my turn. Did the dice land on my numbers, or is it another pawn crossing the seemingly, never-ending chess board. Is it pessimistic to shoot... Continue Reading →

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note to self

to this world dark means ugly. puffy means unruly. black means bad. in my world, dark means beautiful. puffy means voluminous. black means strong.

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love is….

It's not what can you do for me---but rather what can I do for you. How can I keep us happy. How can I sustain this relationship so both of us can be a strong unit. For if I watch over your back, and you mine, then all our needs will be met. Love is... Continue Reading →

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Their friendship is temporary, like the seasons Their love may be genuine, but their motive selfish It is all conjured by their loneliest reasons Fueled by the sorrow that cuddles with them at night Panged by the jealously that won't answer their wish To have someone, like everyone else, to make them feel right Fishing... Continue Reading →

A Letter To My Heart

A beautifully well-written poem by a thoughtful poet I’m following.

Frank Solanki

Dear heart, I was straying
Didn’t hear what you were saying
All these years that you have bled
While I was listening to my head
Well I know I have hurt you a lot
But you’re the only one I’ve got
So take my hand and walk with me
Away from here and we’ll be free
Leave a trail and the world behind
A different world then we will find
I’ve seen you hurt. I’ve seen you break
I’ve seen you pain. I’ve seen you ache
I’ve seen you harmed. I’ve seen you torn
Still you always kept beating on
All this while you’ve walked alone
Now we’ll chart a road of our own
So take my hand and walk with me
Away from here and we’ll be free
Leave a trail and the world behind
A different world then we will find
Take a moment and catch some sleep

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Designer Babies

Imagine a world with mega-humans. A world that relies on genetic engineering to enhance human features such as intellect, body structure and appearance. Well, you could be looking into the lens of the future. Genetic Engineering has spanned over to the field of reproduction, giving parents a whole new set of options. This world is... Continue Reading →

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Review: The United Shades of America

While scrolling through Hulu, I became acquainted with a new show that has always seemed to miss my line of vision. It's called: The United Shades of America. It is a documentary series following comedian, W. Kamau Bell as he travels around America to learn about the different cultural groups this country houses. It airs... Continue Reading →

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